Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer School by the Sea!

Summer beach vacations are marked on the calendar, and my little school of fish and I have been swimming around in an ocean full of fun and learning. With a week of ocean theme activities planned and a field trip to the  Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea, we set sail to explore the tides of learning.

Learning with a list -

Making a list is a wonderful writing lesson. After deciding on the title for the list, have your child dictate the things that belong in that category, in this case, things we need to pack to take on our beach trip. While you are writing the list, you are modeling the correct way to write from left to right, handwriting/letter formation, spelling skills {sound out the words as you write them}, and finger spaces. Adding a picture helps young readers comprehend and works to reinforce the text to illustration connection.

Sneak in a reading lesson by having your child read the list back to you!

This octopus has the tastiest tentacles in town! After tracing the circles, coloring the arms, and gluing on cereal, your little guppy's fine motor skills will be swimming their way to success.

There are a sea of activities I print from You have to become a paying member to print their activities, but it's cheap and helps me avoid a title wave of lesson plans each week! This activity is a read and match game and I added a brain booster activity by playing a random riddle game. My little learner had fun choosing a picture and giving me clues to find  it. For example: I swim fast and have sharp teeth. Who am I?
My reply: Something I hope we never actually learn about on our beach trip!

This sand-writing lesson was so cool. Fingertips were fast at work in this easy and engaging writing lesson. The only ink needed in this ocean is for squids!

Measuring sea creatures was the math concept covered by my little crab. If you think this simple math lesson I created really measures up, download it {here}!

Locating the oceans on the globe counts as a geography lesson and sharing shark facts and anatomy really sums up a science lesson.

And if you are still hungry for more ocean related activities, try this Octo-Dog served over shell macaroni and cheese, we made at the beach last year. Directions {here}!

Riding the wave of summer learning is easy and the sun!

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